Normally the launch of these dolls is announced one, two or three months in advance (with some licenses some more), that is, it can take more than 3 to 4 months from when they are published as reservations until they are available in our stock. In 100% of the cases the reservations are guaranteed, and usually go, among other things, with the launch information: this way you will know when it arrives to be sent or to have it in stock within our catalog. It must be said that reservations can be advanced or delayed, and this fact never depends on the store, but on the factory (in this case Funko). Although 100% of the cases reservations are guaranteed, the reservation of a Funko product does NOT guarantee the arrival of the product to the customer. We do not decide the arrival dates but the distributors, so they may suffer delays or even cancellations, these being sent by order in order for those full payment reservations. Reservations cannot be combined with products in stock in the same order. If in an order there are several reservations with different dates, the products will not be sent until the complete order is complete. If a full payment is paid in the order with a partial payment, the products will not be shipped until they are all available and paid by the customer. Reservations will be paid for the entire order including shipping and will have preference at the time of shipment. As soon as the order arrives at our warehouse, it will be sent to the address indicated by the customer as soon as possible. In the case of full payments, the customer must choose the shipping method at the time of completing the order and can see if they have free expenses according to their amount.

The products marked as RESERVE do not have them physically (because they have not yet gone on sale), they are usually advertised for sale a few months in advance before a movie, series or the like. In the RESERVATIONS we always put the approximate date of arrival; never the exact date, it is what our distributor / factory provides us. RESERVATIONS can be advanced as well as delayed, so it is taken for granted that, when you make a reservation, you expose yourself both to the benefit of being advanced and to the damage that it is delayed and we can talk about weeks or months. RESERVATIONS are specially requested for you, that is, our store buys the stock that it deems appropriate for the product to sell and dispose of it for the store when they arrive and, in parallel, buys the product of those who have reserved, in this case for you If you have already booked it.


hese products are expressly requested by the customer and refunds of money for products in reserve will not be accepted if it is because the product does not satisfy you or you no longer want it, you are offered the possibility of a voucher with that same amount to spend in the store . The customer will bear the shipping costs of the return of the product and once it arrives it will proceed to check the status of the product and if it meets the conditions said coupon will be given. Yes refunds of the full amount will be accepted in the event that the distributor cannot give us the product after 4 months from the approximate date of arrival shown on the product. (An information email will be sent before proceeding with its return provided that it is certain that the product cannot be in our warehouses for distribution or after 4 months have passed after its purchase)


If the client wants to cancel a reservation, he must & aacute; notify it to the email within 24 hours so that the full money is returned, after that time if you want to cancel losing & aacute; the amount paid whether it is full payment or partial payment. If finally the distributor cannot give us that product after three months from the approximate date of arrival shown on the product, we give him the option to cancel the order.